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Scenic Biking Along Skyline Boulevard

Visualize this: a thin black strip on top of the green Santa Cruz Mountains, with a fork leading to two equally scenic destinations. Half Moon Bay and the Saratoga wine country are clearly visible from the top. Right below the meandering roads, the two distinct shades of San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean merge.

Scenic Biking along Skyline Blvd nearby Palo Alto, California

Scenic Biking along Skyline Blvd.


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What part of Skyline Blvd can I ride my bike?

There are numerous access points and biking trailheads along State Route 35 (known as the Skyline Blvd.). Take the Whittmore Gulch Trail route through redwoods, just 4.5 miles off Hwy 92. The Purisima Creek Reserve is also equally beautiful and comparatively easier for children. The quiet ride on Tunitas Creek Road, leading to Skyline Blvd. is also a favorite amongst bikers.

Is it safe to ride on Skyline Blvd.?

Being mostly outside the city limits, vehicle speeds are comparatively higher on Skyline Blvd. But that shouldn't discourage cyclists as the speed limits are generally higher on state routes. Traffic is more on the weekends and there is a lack of shoulder where the road intersects with populated areas. It is advisable to stick to the designated trails to avoid mishaps.